What’s it like to teach in China?

What’s It Like To Teach In China?

Caring for China places our academic teachers in team settings in universities all over China.  The minimum teaching contract with a university is one academic year.  Expect to teach between 12 and 18 hours a week.  Students will have had some exposure to English, and will be rated at A, B, or C level, but for many, you will be the first native English-speaking teacher they’ve met.   Depending on the school’s program, teachers may be asked to teach conversational skills, listening comprehension, reading, writing, literature, or culture.  Teachers are expected to generate enthusiasm for the subject, and to take an interest in their students’ lives.  Many universities do not provide any classroom materials, so it is often left up to the resourcefulness of teachers to bring their own lessons and teaching aids.  The flip side is that teaching in China can be a total exercise in open-ended creativity.  Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are all teachable subjects, and many students have responded enthusiastically to improvised programs based on these holidays.

Teachers most often live on the college campus (housing is usually provided as part of the salary), and social contact with the students outside the classroom is encouraged.  Most colleges host “English Corner” forums on a weekly basis where any subject is fair game as long as the discussion takes place in English.  Classroom attire is casual/professional.


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