Am I Qualified?

At one time (30 years ago), anyone who was a native English speaker could teach at a Chinese university.  Over the years, the qualifications have tightened, and Chinese standards, despite the low pay, are now on a par with universities worldwide.

5 Basic Qualifications

College Degree

Chinese universities are sophisticated employers. They put a value on your education, whether it is a BA, BS, MA, MS, or PhD. The current standard is a Masters Degree, but exceptions are made.

TESOL Certificate

Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages – This is a ‘must-have’ credential. These classes are available at many universities and good programs are available online.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never traveled overseas, but you will need a passport, and you will need a visa. Get the passport first, and we can help you get the visa.

Support Team

Do you have a group of loyal, dedicated friends and family who will support you in all ways while you are in China? We’ve found this to be a common denominator of success.

Is God calling me?

This is the most important qualification, because if God is calling you to teach in China, nothing can stand in your way. Caring For China firmly believes the Holy Spirit is our primary recruiter.