December 2013Hannah

Living in God’s Grace

by Hannah (CHN)


My name is Hannah and I have two children, Jonah, a 17-year old boy with autism who is in “Warriors House” and Grace, a 10 year-old daughter in grade 4.

I noticed my son had obvious autistic behaviour when he was 18 months old but I refused to accept that he had autism. In 2000, I gave up my job and began to seek a miracle treatment to change the unfair fate of my son. I was often hopeless, angry and felt exhausted. My husband had to face a dejected and despairing wife after a long day. The only reason I didn’t commit suicide was because I was afraid no one would take care of my son.

In 2002, I met an English couple who introduced me to Liz M and TA at Hephzibah. I was touched deeply by what they were doing for the orphans. When I started “Hand in Hand Special Education Centre” in 2002, the overseas experts from Hephzibah provided much professional training and support for our teachers and parents. I knew they were Christians but I was too busy developing my own business and left the Bible given me on the bookshelf. Later, I often met Sally in conferences and would always share my struggles with her. She would tell me that her colleagues were praying for me. I didn’t understand how they prayed for me but I felt warm and encouraged.

As my son became a teenager his behavior became worse. Once in 2010, he grabbed my hair and hit me badly in a hotel; I was totally broken. I wondered why life was so unfair to me after I committed myself so much to my organisation and helped so many people. In spring 2011, I called Sally and she invited me to her church. The first time we went, Jonah was in a big temper and interrupted the preaching; the pastor stopped and prayed quietly together with the whole congregation. Several times when my son was very moody in public, Sally just prayed for him.

In spring 2012, Jonah began to attend the Warriors House. I was amazed to see that he became more peaceful and calm and after some time he came home and told us that Jesus could give us peace.

Now, I understand that I was chosen by God’s grace even before I was born, and my children are the special gifts and messages from God because he loves us so much.

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