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English Corners – Frieda (USA)

Prayer Diary


Some years ago Bonnie, an American teacher with a different organisation, started several English corners. With time some of our teachers began helping her, causing the number of attendees to increase rapidly. Those of us who were involved regularly with these English corners began to have many opportunities to share with students in important ways and to build relationships with those who attended. When Bonnie returned to the USA our teachers committed themselves to carrying on this work.

The English corners are held at two different locations three times a week. Some evenings we have had as many as ninety in attendance. One of the English corners is held on Sunday afternoons, followed immediately by a Bible study for anyone who cares to stay. These studies have had between 10-12 people attending each week. Holidays have been particularly strategic times for meaningful conversations.

Among the issues that the attendees bring up are personal pressures, current events, or issues that trouble them about their country, as well as questions regarding differences between their culture and ours. These are prime opportunities to talk about values or new ways of thinking about problems. Among those who come are middle and high school students, college and graduate students, teachers, middle aged people and even some retirees, as well as younger children. We have people at all levels of English proficiency attending. Serving the needs of such a diverse group is challenging at times.

We did a special Christmas programme, which included a Power Point that had lots of pictures to illustrate readings from the Bible and songs interspersed among the readings. I’d guess we had at least 100 people there (we ran out of chairs) and every group had the opportunity to talk about the most important topic in the world. People were really attentive and the atmosphere was great. We lit candles which added a nice touch. I divided the readings out to 7 foreigners who were scattered around the room. This helped keep people’s interest because it was different voices coming from different places. Colin led the singing on his guitar. Before the programme even started, some groups were already on to good stuff.

Praise HIM for a very blessed evening and for such an amazing opportunity!!!!

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