In 1982, Caring For China sent its first teachers into China.  Prior to that year, China was a closed country to westerners, as it went through the Cultural Revolution from 1976 to about 1981.  The China that emerged was poor, innocent, economically backward, and almost completely ignorant of western language, culture, or customs.  There was also a spiritual vacuum left by the claustrophobic cult of Chairman Mao.  The 30 years that followed saw China change in unprecedented and dramatic ways.  Today’s China bears little resemblance to those early days.  For 30+ years, Caring For China has continued sending teachers to all parts of the country, sharing not only the English language, western culture, and a much different world view, but also sharing good news about a God who became one of us, lived among us, and died on our behalf so that we could be made right with Him.  There is a huge interest in everything shared by our teachers, and today it is likely that there are more Christians in China than in any other country in the world.  Many of those Christians came to faith through the influence of teachers sent out by Caring For China – and many more came to faith as those students shared the good news with others.

Over the years, Caring For China has become involved in a wonderful myriad of other good works, all resulting from teachers who took their call to China seriously.  We started working in orphanages in 1990, when some teachers volunteered on Christmas Day.  That led to two decades of work that saw almost 1000 international adoptions before the work was turned over to an indigenous nonprofit that we formed just for that purpose.  The orphanage work led to medical outreach, since many of the orphans had special needs or birth defects.  Cerebral Palsy drop-in centers were opened, village doctor training begun, and an HIV-positive home for children unwelcome in the orphanages. We have strong relationships with all these organizations, and we are well known for supporting our teachers who seek out the dark places in order to bring the light of Christ to people’s lives. For more on the Childrens’ work, click here.

Today, Caring For China is looking for men and women of all ages who have been called to go teach in China.  If you have been called, then you are looking for the means to fulfill your call.  Caring For China may be that means.  We have an application process designed to confirm whether or not you are qualified to join us.  If you are not qualified, we will tell you why.  If you are qualified, we will show you the next steps to take in order to prepare yourself to go take a job in China as a teacher.

Caring For China is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit Charitable organization.  Our Accounting is reviewed by a CPA every year before our tax returns are submitted.  Donations to Caring For China are tax deductible, and everyone who donates to CFC receives a receipt following their donation and a 1099 form totaling all donations  at the end of the year that they can submit with their form 1040.

Our offices are located in Santa Ana, California.  All administrative efforts on Caring For China’s behalf are on a volunteer basis, and monthly mailings are donated in kind.  This allows all the funds collected on CFC’s behalf to be distributed to our partners in the field (with the exception of banking fees, audit fees, and fees for regulatory compliance).

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