The process to Apply to CFC:

1. Step One

Let us know you’re interested!Fill out the brief interest form: Click here

2. Step Two

We will send you an “Inquirer’s Packet” that asks for more information.  From here on, you will be working one-on-one with our volunteer placement staff.

Within one week of sending initial interest form

3. Step Three

Assuming the information in the Inquirer’s Packet points toward a ‘match’, we will send you even more forms to fill out that will help us in knowing where to place you.

Processing these forms can take one to two months.

4. Step Four

Yes, still more forms, but these are the final forms for placement.  You’re getting close now.

Expect another month for these forms to be processed.

5. Step Five

Orientation Packet for Living and Teaching in China – Once you’ve been accepted and processed, we need to match you to a university.

Depending on the time of year, it could require you to wait as long as 6 months for the semester to begin.