Am I Called

Are You Being Called?

Robert cracks up students

Relationships between students and their teachers in China are often as close as that between a parent and child. Students are encouraged and expected to seek out their teachers after class for guidance and to ask questions and receive answers which will shape their lives.

Caring For China has been sending men and women into China for over 30 years to teach English in colleges, universities, and schools. Our organization has earned a reputation for supplying teachers of good character and high standards whose students can rely on creative methods and broad applications of the language.

Our English Teachers vary in age from young adults to retirees. Young people bring excitement and freshness and sometimes an ability to pick up the Chinese language easily. Older generations find that the culture has a tradition of respect for the experience and wisdom that age brings. Many of our teachers have made great sacrifices to leave the security of professional careers; but they will also tell you that nothing is as satisfying as obeying the Lord’s call to represent Him with people He deeply loves.

Since our first teachers went out to Southern China in 1982, we have been successful at placing people throughout China. We are truly multinational, with teachers coming from virtually all the English speaking countries of the world. Because of their commitment, thousands of Chinese men and women, some from minority nationalities, have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.

As one teacher put it, “First, you must know you are called. Second, if you know you are called, come join us. We need you!”